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About Us

We are a South Florida based LED lighting and automation specialists. We are extremely passionate about technology and at the same time we are deeply committed to protecting our environment.

With that in mind, we have created ECOPOWERTECH with the purpose of helping to improve people’s quality of life, offering them products and technologies with low or almost zero environmental impact.

With this vision, we are committed to the development of products that serve this purpose and to investigate which are the best options available in the market available to you.

That is why, all the products and technology that we offer, are fully compliant with environmental certifications and minimum quality standards for low ecological impact.

Rest assured that at Ecopowertech we are constantly monitoring and updating our catalog to offer you the best options available to fulfill our company mission.

The first thing we always recommend our clients is to adopt LED lighting technology as the NEW way to illuminate modern spaces.

LEDs have come to REPLACE fluorescent tubes and incandescent halogen luminaires in one fell swoop, due to the sheer energy savings and longevity they can offer.

LED lighting can offer many benefits. Among some of them, we have its versatility in shapes and sizes; the diversity of light colors available; the high performance of emitted lumens; the very low energy consumption; and last but not least, the materials of which they are made of are more environmentally friendly compared to older luminaires whose components contain pollutants such as mercury.

Another thing we can offer you is the automation of your properties. Which is being able to have electrical and automatic control of each of the functions and activities of household electronic appliances through your phone, laptop or tablet.

Our assistance extends to a diverse array of products, all adhering to stringent environmental certifications and quality benchmarks to ensure minimal ecological footprint. Beyond offering high-quality products, we also provide comprehensive services and expertise to ensure the successful realization of your projects.

We are proud to have an experienced professional team to support you in: