We can help with your Custom Projects on your entire journey

No matter what step you are on your Lighting project, we can help in a lot of ways. We have a qualified team of experts ready at hand to fulfill your vision. With our help, you can fulfill your project regardless of your experience.

Your projects can be fulfilled entirely by yourself by using products. We provide the guidance needed from start to finish. However, we can also provide the full installation service so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We make your vision a reality.

Among the many types of projects we can do, these are some of our highlights:

  • Linear Lighting for soffits, furniture, ceiling, wall.
  • Multi Color Lighting Control.
  • Custom made Linear Lighting Projects (cut to exact measurements and soldering services).
  • Complete Home Automation and Control.
  • ┬áTranslucent Stone backlighting such as kitchen islands and backsplashes.
  • Illumination for Custom Objects.
  • Warehouse Lighting.

Linear Lighting

Need to know what type of strip you need and how many feet? No need to worry. All we need to know is the location and the area where it will be installed.

By giving us this information, we can present you several different options of lighting depending on your budget.


Multi Color Lighting Control

We specialize in Multicolor Lighting control and installation. We can help guide you on choosing the correct Lighting strip depending on the location and magnitude of your project.

Also, we can do the complete Lighting installation setup for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong during installation.


Custom Linear Lighting Segments

If you want to do the installation yourself but don’t have any knowledge on how to solder we can also help.

Let us know the exact measurement of each section and we can do custom segments for you including any lead wires that you may need. This will greatly lower your installation times.


Home Automation

We are certified experts in Home Automation with Legrand and Control 4 devices.

Make your home or project future proof by installing state of the art Automation control units, giving your entire project a Smart capability.

Stone Backlighting

Let that kitchen island be the center piece of the area by using translucent stones or surfaces and using proper backlighting to show its true potential

Plus, you are not limited to a kitchen island, you can also do backsplashes, walls, etc. Your imagination is the limit.


Custom Objects

Have a personal project that needs Lighting to make it pop? We can help.

There’s no limit what kind of surface we can do. Need to do a bike? Not a problem.


Warehouse Lighting

Using the correct amount of lumens in a work area is key for several factors but none more important than security and productivity,

By using the correct amount of lumens per square feet you can ensure your employees have the correct Lighting setup to be more productive but also work safely.